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Tcl Error While Autoloading

No knowledge of the file system structure is leaked to the safe interpreter, because it has access only to a virtualized path containing tokens. It generates an error if the directory is not found. When you distribute your application, the DLLs that will be loaded should be shipped together with the executable. See the section SECURITY below for more detail about virtual paths, tokens and access control. -statics boolean This option specifies if the safe interpreter will be allowed to load statically linked have a peek here

If your application renames the "source" command, and then redefines it to call the original version of "source", you can run your application as an "embedded" application, where the code that Do I need to get a new key? When I run my compiled Tcl script, I get the error "The TclPro ByteCode Loader is not available" 7.7. TclPro Debugger 5.1.

On Unix, calls to "vwait" that are made when no file descriptor exists would normally return an error stating that the call "would wait forever". The demos/sampleApp directory of your TclPro distribution contains an example of how to do this. If the directory is already in the virtual path, it only returns the token without adding the directory to the virtual path again. encoding ?subCmd args...?

I hope there is anyone who recognizes this problem, cause I don't get it! Public itcl variables override local method variables When running scripts in the debugger, if a public variable is defined in an itcl class and the same name is used for a This will update the code window to show the edited script. A second way (which does not allow namespace coding in exmh) for 8.0.3 users which have the problem at the moment would be to run auto_mkindex_old with tcl8.0.3 (which indexes like

If each interpreter is treated as a separate remote application that uses a different port to connect to its own debugger instance, then multiple interpreter debugging could be accomplished. 5.12. Autoloading error 5. How can I source both the .tcl and .tbc file in my wrapped application? http://www.tcl.tk/software/tclpro/support/knownbugs.1.2.html By default, TclPro Compiler copies the leading comments from the input file to the compiled file.

Then this proc simply can be removed (see patch). This message indicates that the version of CTL3D32.DLL you have is old. This is because the runtime linker has found, and loaded, the 8.0p2 DLL instead of the TclPro one. Why does the License Server report that another TclPro Debugger session has been launched when I open the Help and About TclPro Debugger box in TclPro Debugger?

Providing everything has been set up as described, the Tcl interpreter will be able to locate and load the package automatically. What platforms does TclPro support? There are two ways you can improve the speed: 1. Windows only: How can I keep the stdout console from disappearing after the script exits? 5.21.

Modify your Tcl code to copy the DLL from the wrapped application to a temporary directory in the end-user's disk, and then use the "load" command specifying the DLL in the http://colinmeldrum.com/tcl-error/tcl-error-f5.html Can I use TclPro Checker to check Tcl code that uses Tcl extensions? The filename must contain a token name mentioned in the virtual path for the safe interpreter for it to be found successfully. Can I use TclPro Wrapper with unsupported extensions?

Work Around: You can kill the application and select Run or Step In. This command installs a script that will be called when interesting life cycle events occur for a safe interpreter. You must wrap your Tcl scripts with Tcl/Tk8.0.3 interpreters (prowish80 and protclsh80). http://colinmeldrum.com/tcl-error/tcl-last-error.html Where can I find them in the TclPro distribution directory?

package require Itcl package require Itk package require Iwidgets package require Expect package require Tclx 1.4. ActiveState TclPro supports: Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP Solaris 2.6+ Linux (kernel 2.2+ x86 and 2.4+ IA-64) HP-UX 11 (PA-RISC and IA-64) 1.2. Your "embedded" application may resemble the following: # redefine the source command rename source source_original proc source args { puts "called source" set cmd "source_original $args" eval $cmd } # contact

For more details on what these subcommands do see the manual page for the file command.

Because Tcl provides a high degree of support for introspection, it is possible in many cases to reconstruct the sources from the byte-codes. If you wrap the file foo.dll with a Tcl script containing the command "load foo.dll", you will get the error "couldn't load file foo.dll: invalid argument" when the wrapped application evaluates Yes. In fact, you can even set new variables and redefine procedures in the eval console. 5.22.

Tk redraws widgets after processing each event. How can I upgrade TclPro on Windows? 2.2. Hi, Ive played a little bit with the namespace facility of tcl8.0 and was very happy to see namespace structures supported by the auto_load of the new tcl8.0.3 (not do previous). http://colinmeldrum.com/tcl-error/tcl-tk-error.html Can I use my custom interpreter with TclPro Debugger? 5.28.

Can I use TclPro Debugger to debug a Tcl 7.3 application? 5.2. Hyphens should not appear on blank or comment lines. If I run a script in TclPro Debugger, where do the stdout and stderr go? In detail: $ cd $ tclsh8.0 % auto_mkindex_old . *.tcl % exit $ done :-)Markus Attached is an old message of mine, why

That shouldnt be a problem though I think? TclPro Debugger does not kill my remote applications. return 1 ! } else { ! Bug ID 92 Small fonts cause misalignment between lines of code and icons to the left of code.

If you want to stop the debugger each time the proc is invoked, you need to set the breakpoint on the first line of code in the procedure's body. For example: proc A {} { set x 5 return "hello world $x" } proc B {} [info body A] B A work-around is to use the alias mechanism: proc A A breakpoint that is set on a procedure definition only stops when the procedure is defined. Q: error while autoloading... [tcl 7.4] 3.

call "exit" in the eval console. 2. How can I get TclPro Debugger to instrument my script and stop at the first line of the script in the code window? 5.8. These APIs expect the DLL file to be available in the context of the disk file system and not wrapped files. Which planet does Leia represent in the New Republic?

Does TclPro Checker check for wrong number of arguments for user-defined procs? 6.4. Files that are wrapped using TclPro Wrapper are read-only files. Please check to make sure that the user id specified during the installation has the permission on the License Server installation directory and try to connect to the License Server again. RFE ID 468 TclPro Debugger does not support debugging multiple interpreters.