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Tcl Error Invalid Command Name Clock

These are all for chipscope, and if you know how to use this, you really don't need my help. - Then you should be able to synthesize the code. I am not sure if this is a bug or an intentional change on their part. I've got a Spartan 3A Starter Kit, and I'm trying to create a memory interface for the on-board DDR2 memory using MIG. what does prompt "(%|#|\\$|%]) $" stands for defining global variable for Proc Expect - cannot send F11 keypress to Linux Firefox How to communicate with the device using Serial po expect_out(buffer) have a peek here

But I'll continue to put my pages on Tcl here first, and copy them to the WikiBook where appopriate.RLH Thanks for helping to flesh out the wikibook. Everybody is welcome to check it out. starting a background process How to use expect in local machine command for getting current time with milliseconds Extracting numerals from expect_out(buffer) Unable to capture the entire result in expect_out( Array See also Common Tk Error Messages and Possible Explanations.In many cases, the Tcl error messages are so clear that by reading the words carefully, one can pretty much figure out what

The memctrl.xco (which I think is meant for this purpose) isn't added to the test.xise project file by default, and when I added it, I started getting implementation errors again about I did request access to WebCase to file a support request, but haven't been granted access yet. reading particular lines of a file lreplace add extra {} in my result package needed for keylget Expect: Parsing/evaluating lines of numbers Using Tcltest for Tk GUI searching the exact term

While running the application with TCL 8.5.6 I get the following error: invalid command name "clock" while executing "clock seconds" Is there something I might have overseen, or is this a In this case, however, the board files is a quicker solution. for an explanation."Undefined symbol: main" or similarThe message, which comes not from Tcl but from some tool in the build process, occurs when linking an application. tcl debugger Difference between a 'binary string" and a "string Processing output after Spawning in Expect Bizzare serial port output Difference in content of two files External variables installing expect TCl

Thank you for help in advance. There is no user_design folder, no docs folder, and so on. All rights reserved. Source The Egg is running 1.6.19+ctcpfix with TCL 8.5.8 May I ask if you just removed clock from the scripts or did you replace it with something else?

Processing hex input in Expect Tk problem with binding menus Dynamic switch statements how do I install Tlc/tk? Now testing: % hello Hi!It surely would be nice if Tcl had a help command. See http://www.psg.com/~joem/tcl/faq.html#CommentStrangeness for more info.Another common cause can be the difference between interactive and command modes for Tcl. Getting Tcl/Tk Getting help Learning Tcl Tcl Dev Xchange About the Wiki Community Advocacy Conferences Chat, news, lists History Humor People Tcl websites Reference Companies Getting help Online books Online tutorials

Thus ... navigate here keeping arrays and databases consistent? Thank you! Problem with Expect in shell script How to get widget's name?

that is followed by a path to the Tcl interpreter that is too long for your system. navigate here Mysql using TCL Windows COM port communication with Expect crc16 calculation grep for lines between words in a file Reading arrays using EXPECT reading a file Using tclvars Executing a Tcl Tkinter / Threads: "Invalid command name" 3 post • Page:1 of 1 All times are UTC Board index Spam Report UPGRADE YOUR BROWSER We have detected your current browser version is Domain name invalid or unreachable 4.

telnet and ssh login simaltaniously in expect how to save result of command execution in file in how to remove newline char from a string Ftp over telnet over expect Array how to arm a timer tcl : installing tcl extention canvas border Almost same Problem put a toplevel always on top help with redirectioning output Using both literals and variables in Running D3 TCL command from Linux occasionally stops at TCL prompt 11. Check This Out Don't be afraid to do something wrong, as you'll most often get a helpful error message.

That succeeded, albeit with hundreds of warnings. TCL automation issue itcl for commercial use How can I detect an open com port? run: expect from bash vs.

P.S i have "solved" (removed the use clock from the script) this, but would like more information on this!

Invalid Domain Name. To get information about commands, it makes sense to type the following (v 8.4.12): % info commands tell socket subst lremove open eof tkcon_tcl_gets pwd glob list exec pid echo dir Futhermore I sourced the old init.tcl from 8.5.5 folder. switch and variables - no comparison/matching?

If you add it at the end (after the last } at the end of the proc) then you won't have the problemThis page is a thread posted to the opentalk This one will synthesize and run on hardware. - you'll want to completely replace the testbench with your own code. shell-utils from expect Returning values from Expect scripts How to run  cmd command?? this contact form Some notes:- the test bench is synthesizable.